Fibre builds

  • CIVICON S.A. specializes in fibre optic network builds.
  • Our experienced teams have been specifically trained in fibre civils. We always ensure that quality work is delivered on time and within the parameters of client specifications.
  • Building projects are pre-inspected by our engineers, surveyors and managers before being undertaken.
  • Client satisfaction is maintained through careful scrutiny of client requirements and specifications.
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R.F. masts and towers

  • CIVICON S.A. Erects R.F. (radio frequency) masts and towers.
  • As happens with our fibre network builds, we maintain the highest standards of quality with R.F. masts and towers to ensure client satisfaction.
  • We do not undertake builds of R.F. masts and towers without pre-survey and inspection.
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Civil build surveys

  • CIVICON S.A. offers civil build surveys for metro and long-haul builds.
  • We conduct detailed surveys using G.P.R. (ground penetrating radar), soil sampling, rock classification and servitude marking technology, so as to assist clients in making informed and secure decisions.
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Civil build designs

  • CIVICON S.A. offers clients a comprehensive and detailed build design after survey.
  • Build designs include G.P.S. (global positioning system) tags on obstacles and manholes, along with any other features that might be required to devise and complete a successful build.
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Path finding

  • CIVICON S.A. offers clients the option of using our pathfinder system.
  • Pathfinding involves sending specifically trained staff ahead of any contract or project inception to locate the best areas for base camps, satellite camps, storage camps and units, vehicle parks and accommodation lodges.
  • We negotiate the best prices on rentals and fees.
  • We meet with local authorities to acquaint them with the impending project.
  • We ensure that all paper work is in order so that our clients can proceed without delay.
  • We assist our clients in determining the best time to build, thereby enjoying premium efficiency along with the lowest possible cost.
  • Ultimately we pride ourselves in providing our clients with a sound and hassle-free build.
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Obstacle traverse specialist

  • CIVICON S.A. specialises in obstacle traverse methods that provide clients with a variety of solutions to construction problems.
  • We thereby present our clients with the best possible methods to complete a build and perform future maintenance.
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Project monitoring

  • CIVICON S.A. monitors the status and progress of projects and builds for clients using recognised project management programmes.
  • This monitoring service puts our personnel on site once in every 14 days to physically assess, inspect and verify progress with G.P.S. tagging.
  • We inform clients about any snags and incomplete sections of builds that require urgent attention to complete projects on time and under budget.
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Duct integrity testing

  • CIVICON S.A. offers D.I.T. pre- and post-burial testing.
  • All testing is done with photographic recordings and detailed briefing reports.
  • Pre-burial testing is an essential component to saving our clients time and money, by ensuring that ducts are sound before being buried for use.
  • This enables our clients the secure knowledge that no damaged or sub-standard duct has been used on their project.
  • Post-burial testing ensures that contractors haven’t damaged the duct during the burying process.
  • This system protects client assets from any rough and unprofessional handling.
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Fibre blowing

  • CIVICON S.A. offers floating and blowing fibre optic cable to populate ducts.
  • This service is available for metro and long-haul builds and is available in any country throughout Africa.
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Obstacle cleaning

  • CIVICON S.A. provides specialist obstacle cleaning teams who provide clear routes for build progress by clearing obstacles that cannot be traversed in an economical manner.
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Fibre optic technical

  • CIVICON S.A. offers a fibre optics technical service that populates duct with fibre optics.
  • We also join, test and repair/replace broken or damaged fibre.
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Duct cleaning and repairs

  • CIVICON S.A. offers duct cleaning services that clear ducts of obstructions and make them fit for population.
  • We locate the breakages in any broken ducts, and either repair them or otherwise inform clients if these breakages are irreparable and need replacement.
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Project management consultants

  • CIVICON S.A. offers a consultant project management service that manages the standards of projects and builds for clients, and also provides them with unbiased and factual reporting on the status and progress of projects.
  • Our project managers are available to clients in any country throughout Africa.
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Tower and Mast Maintenance

  • CIVICON S.A. has dedicated teams that maintain towers and masts through regular fitness checks on structures and fasteners.
  • We provide maintenance for steel binders to prevent the occurrence of any breakages or failures that could cause our clients down-time.
  • CIVICON S.A. also has a painting and sealing division that will paint structures and waterproof buildings for our clients.
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Maintenance and repairs of manholes and build furniture

  • CIVICON S.A. has special teams that specifically check, clean and maintain manholes, and also maintain above ground level build furniture for clients on a six-monthly basis.
  • These teams provide comprehensive reports to clients on the condition of their assets.
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Construction consultants

  • CIVICON S.A. employs engineering and construction consultants that our clients can hire to assist them with determining the correct methods and approaches needed for specific construction processes.
  • These consultants are available to clients in any country throughout Africa.
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Build furniture fabrications

  • Our fabrication yard manufactures all build furniture ranging from sub-aquatic bridges to route markers in cement or steel.
  • We also fabricate specialised equipment and material according to client request.
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Camp erection and dismantling teams

  • CIVICON S.A. has camp erection and dismantling teams that prepare camp sites and erect and dismantle camps of behalf of our clients.
  • We ensure that all facilities are functional and operational.
  • When projects terminate, our teams also clean and reinstate camp site areas to match their immediate environmental surrounds.
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Reinstatement consultants and construction

  • CIVICON S.A. reinstates all disturbed earth to its original condition.
  • We assess, identify and record all species of tree, plants and grasses that occur along the build line.
  • After the build we replace each flora species that has been removed, and also sow the correct grass and ground cover that is indigenous to the disturbed area.
  • Whenever projects require the removal of trees, our teams attempt to transplant the older trees as a means of maintaining the mature status of the ecology.
  • Sometimes we are able to route the build around older trees, although this is not always possible.
  • In the event that trees are destroyed, our teams cut them up and hand the larger cuts over to the local population, while mulching the smaller manageable branches to be spread over the soil as nutrients during the reinstatement of the area.
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Trenchless cable burials

  • CIVICON S.A. promotes trenchless cable and optic fibre burials.
  • This preserves ground integrity and also ensures that duct and cable burial depth is maintained throughout the burial length.
  • Trenchless burials make for more accurate, faster and cheaper projects, and avoid the difficult logistics that go with managing massive worker teams.
  • Soil sag and erosion spill also doesn’t occur with trenchless burials, meaning that clients are secure in the knowledge that their duct remains covered with soil and is never exposed.
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